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DrExam Medical & Surgical Revision

MRCS Part B OSCE Revision Courses and Small Group Tutorials.

We run 2 MRCS Part B Courses for the OSCE, over 2 weekends (see below) at our new venue site: Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK. Together, these comprehensively address the current examination format, according to current intercollegiate guidelines. We have an over 92% candidate success rate.


Candidates will receive a 9% DISCOUNT when reserving places on both courses.

Our course material, including books & DVD, is peer reviewed (PubMed), and has received awards from: Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) & British Journal of Surgery (BJS).

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In association with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital & supporters of The Plastic Surgery & Burns Research Unit, University of Bradford.

Honorary Supervisor & Research Unit Founding Director:

Professor DT Sharpe OBE MA MB Bchir FRCS

NEXT EXAM DATES: 5 - 20 / 10 / 2024

MRCS Course 2 OSCE: Clinical Examination, Communication Skills & History Taking Tutorials.

MRCS OSCE Course 2 Dates: 14th - 15th September 2024. 

Online Booking Open! Online Booking Open!


Award winning MRCS OSCE course revision guide Book 2 included.


  • Small group MRCS OSCE revision tutorials
  • 3-4 candidates per group for complete hands-on practice.
  • Face-to-face MRCS OSCE examination preparation & practice.
  • Award winning MRCS OSCE revision guide Book 2 & DVD included.
  • DVD projection videos of clinical examination routines included.
  • New examination structure & what to expect e.g. Surgical Skills & Patient Safety.
  • Observed FULL examination routine practice.
  • Personal feedback on examination technique & approach.
  • Feedback & past questions from recent examination candidates.
  • Example answers from previous surprise stations in the MRCS OSCE Part B.
  • Tips on optimising successin the MRCS OSCE Part B exam.
  • Clinical Case Photos.
  • Lumps 'n' Bumps.
  • Head & Neck (Thyroid, Parotid, Submandibular etc).
  • Trunk & Thorax (Abdominal, Breast, Groin & Hernia).
  • Limbs & Spine (Orthopaedic, Vascular, Hands etc).
  • Neurosciences (PNS, Hand, Arm & Leg Nerves).
  • Communication Skills & Practice.
  • Structured History & Practice for the MRCS OSCE Part B exam.

MRCS Course 1 OSCE: Applied Basic Sciences, Principles of Surgery & Viva Skills.

MRCS OSCE Course 1 Dates: 21st - 22nd September 2024

Online Booking Open! Online Booking Open!


Award winning MRCS OSCE course revision guide Book 1 included.


Mock OSCE, Data Interpretation & Viva Examination Practice:

  • Imaging.
  • Manned & Unmanned Stations.
  • Practical Procedures.
  • Face-to-Face Examination Preparation & Practice.

Applied Surgical Science & Critical Care Lectures & Demonstrations:

  • Physiology & Critical Care.
  • Perioperative Care & Postoperative Management.

Anatomy & Surgical Pathology Lectures & Demonstrations:

  • Anatomy & Surgical Pathology.
  • Surgical Oncology.
  • Clinical Microbiology.

Surgical Skills & Patient Safety Lectures & Demonstrations:

  • Operative Surgery, Surgical Techniques & Technology.
  • Emergencies & Trauma Management.
  • Management & Legal Issues in Surgery.

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