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Clinical Examination App – Musculoskeletal / Orthopaedic.

Clinical examination apps brought to you by the award winning DrExam™ team:


Each app provides unlimited access to video tutorials that teach how to perform relevant patient clinical examinations. The video tutorials are supplemented with further material covering the common conditions encountered during examinations or clinical practice. The material is a highly relevant reference tool for undergraduate and postgraduate trainees preparing for clinical examinations, and also for general practitioners, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, hand therapists and specialist practitioners.


In the Musculoskeletal / Orthopaedic app, video tutorials cover topics including; lumps & bumps, neck, spine, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle & foot. These are all easily accessed, allowing the user to review the written examination protocols between watching the videos. The additional content discusses key topics ranging from osteoarthritis to neck of femur fractures and lower limb injuries, with a helpful ‘more’ button that allows further reading where more information is available! Pictures are presented throughout, there is a fully interactive gallery explaining each image at the touch of a button and an interactive index, all presented in a simple to use, highly interactive and informative app that will update itself automatically as content is updated.


The DrExam™ material has been contributed to by over 50 specialists in their field, radiology and anatomy departments. The content, including Books & DVD, is peer reviewed and has received review awards from the Royal College of Surgeons & British Journal of Surgery. For more information please visit www.DrExam.co.uk.

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