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Congratulations to all successful candidates who have achieved 92% success rates.


We thank Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, ASIT, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, The Yorkshire & Humber Deanery and the numerous Professors & Consultants who continue to contribute to the DrExam project.


We take feedback very seriously and continuously improve our material based on YOUR needs.


Please read some of the numerous emails & reviews we have received from successful candidates below. HAND WRITTEN MRCS Testimonials (click). HAND WRITTEN MBBS Testimonials (click).

'Hi DrExam 


Hope you're well!


I passed!!!


Best wishes


...Celine Goh 2022.'


'Hello team.


I am writing to say thank you for all your help during the course and to register my success at the Feb 2022 MRCS Part B exam.


Many thanks


...Emmanual Okpii 2022'


'Dear DrExam


Thank you so much, I don't think I could have passed without your help!


...Sam Kwan 2021.'


'Dear DrExam Team


I hope all is great! 


I just wanted to update you that I have passed my MRCS Part B.


I enjoyed the course and it definitely helped my studies.


A great thank you to the DrExam Team!


Best wishes


...Narek Sargsyan 2021.' 


'Dear DrExam Team


I'd like to express my sincere gratitude for your kind help for the MRCS OSCE course. I have passed it this time. It was very stressful as it was my last attempt (yes, I was still trying). I am much relieved now and can move on.


Thanks to everyone who has helped me. Your course is very helpful!


All the best and hope to see you soon!


...Paul Yang 2021.'


'Dear DrExam


I've passed the exam! Thank you so much for the course, it was really helpful!


Kind Regards


...Emiko Sultana 2020.'


'Dear DrExam


I am pleased to say that I passed my MRCS Part B exam after attending your revision course in January! I really appreciate the teaching you gave and the books were great resources for my learning.


Many thanks again and kindest regards.


...Parviz Sorooshian 2020.'


'Dear DrExam Team


I am pleased to inform you that I passed my Part B exam. Absolutely delighted.


Thanks for the kick up the bum during the course!


Best wishes


...Zeeshan Ahmad 2020.'


'Dear DrExam


Thank you very much for the course. Worked out well for me, I passed!




...Oscar Johnson 2020.'


'Dear DrExam


Thank you so much for the revision course. I passed!


Honestly don't think I could have done it without DrExam!


...Bhavi Patel 2019.'


'Dear DrExam


I passed!!!!! Passed my part B guys!!!!


Thank you so much for the weekend!


...Cristina Cernei 2019.'


'Dear DrExam


Just writing to let you know I attended your courses and passed the MRCS.


Thank you for all your help.


...Clara Miller 2019.'


'Dear DrExam


Just wanted to email to let you know I passed part B with flying colours!


Thank you so much fo your help throughout the revision course. I will be sure to recommend it to colleagues.


Kind regards,


...Xenia Tonge 2018.'


'Dear DrExam


I successfully passed the MRCS Part B, thanks to your course!


Thanks very much for your help again!


Best regards,


...Adam Misky 2018.'


'Dear DrExam


Just wanted to give you an update with the results of my MRCS part B. I've passed!


Many thanks for the preparation weekend. I definitely felt it helped to highlight areas that I needed to focus on prior to the exam. I really appreciated the personal feedback you gave especially with regards to how to frame answers and how to work on presenting confidently.


Thanks again, keep up the good work!


...Chris Bano 2018.'


'Dear DrExam


I passed the MRCS Part B at my first attempt as a radiology trainee with very high marks!!


Thanks for all your help with the preparation!


...Haren Wijesinghe 2018.'


'Dear DrExam


Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing teaching in September. I passed scoring 87% on the knowledge section! I could not have done it without your help.


Best wishes


...Sam Arman 2017.'


'Dear DrExam


I am extremely happy to report that recently I passed the MRCS Part B! I can't thank you enough for your teaching! Honestly I can't thank you enough! I have completed my MRCS exams in F1. 


I will most definitely recommend your course to my colleagues. 


Best Wishes


...Dr Jason T Langley 2017.'

Just wanted to let you know that I have passed my exam!!


Thank you so much for all your help and the amazing course!


...Sarah AlSaati 2017.'

'Dear DrExam Team,
I am pleased to inform you that I have been successful in the MRCS exam. I would especially like to thank the tutors for their guidance. 
Many thanks once again
Kind regards
...Hirra Naeem 2016.'
'Dear DrExam!
Thought we’d let you know, Emma and I both passed the MRCS!
The course was really useful in structuring the answers. Thanks for your help!
Kind regards
...Selene 2015.'



Just emailing to let you know I passed the part B :)

Thank you for all the good help!



... Ellie 2014.'


'Dear DrExam,


I attended the course and passed the exam at the end of Feb. Thank you for your help!


Kind regards,


... Tom Yeoman 2013.'



I attended the DrExam course in preparation for the MRCS Part B in October. I had the results and I am happy to report that I have passed the exam. Please could you pass on a special thanks to the Plastic Surgery SpR who taught us over the four days.



... Anand 2012.'


'Hey Guys


Just to let you know I have passed 83%. Where did that come from!!!!! Even when I wasn't sure what the heck I was doing, I just heard the tutors nagging in my ear (remember the basics) and things fell into place. Also I got 92% in communications (and I know it wasn't just my natural charm and flare).


The whole experience with you guys was something else, it was an honour.


... Kostiantyn Katevu 2012.'


'Hi DrExam


Just to let you know I passed...and I got a parotid lump...and thanks to your education the guy got bored of my differential ...'yes yes doctor....but what do you actually think it is?!'.


Thank you once again.


... Helen Ribee 2011.'


'Hi DrExam


My Name is Roger Anthony and I attended the course on 29th and 30th May 2010. I passed my MRCS at the first attempt!. Thanks and I benefited a lot from the course, it was enjoyable and the small groups did wonders for me for this exam. Keep it up!




... Roger Anthony 2010.'


'Dear DrExam


I successfully passed the MRCS part B OSCE held in February 2010.The clinical examination course I attended on 30-31st Jan 2010 helped to build my confidence for doing clinical examinations.


Kind regards & thanks.


... Neeraj 2010.'


'Dear DrExam,


I sat the OSCE on the 9th October 2009 in London; it went well and I passed!

Thank you for your help (the course booklet on critical care and pathology saved my life!!!!!)


Kind regards.


... Matteo 2009.'


'Dear DrExam,


Thank you for the excellent MRCS Part B OSCE Courses, the clinical practice and supervision was invaluable and the Basic Sciences / OSCE Practice course was just what we needed. I felt really prepared for the types of topics that were asked and thank all the tutors for their energy and hard work!


... Suzy 2009.'


'Dear MrExam Team,


I attended your MRCS part 3 course on February 14-15th 2009 (despite planning on sitting the Part B OSCE exam). I passed the Part B OSCE exam in May 2009 on first sitting. I just wished to thank you for the course which I found to be one of the best intense "weekend" revision courses I have been on, and, following completion, was the only clinical skills course that I found I needed to go on.


Thanks again, particularly to the Plastics SPR who ran the course that weekend.


... Mr Timothy Woodacre 2009.'


'DrExam Tutors,


I did the MRCS Part B course as revision for my Part 3 exam and am delighted to say that I passed with a score of 28/32 in my clinical exam. Thank you so much for the teaching on the course and also for the excellent course revision book which I used to annotate and revise from!


I will be sure to pass on good reviews! Thanks again!


... Ms Caroline Witney-Smith 2009.'


'Dear DrExam


Thanks very much for your help last weekend, passed the exam on Tuesday. The course reviews and feedback were very useful. If I have any friends who are taking the exam, I'll be sure to mention the course to them!


Kind regards.


... Nik 2008.'


'Dear DrExam Team,


Thank you for the email. I just had the letter through today saying I passed my OSCE.

Many thanks for your course, and I shall remember to recommend it to everyone!


Kind regards.


... Donna 2008.'


'Hi DrExam,


Would you believe, I passed?!?!


Your courses were excellent and so were all the other candidate's reviews. I have already recommended them to people planning on taking the Part B in September.


Now to watch loads of TV...


Best Wishes,


... Aman 2008.'


'Dear DrExam,


I attended both the drexam courses last month, and passed the osce with good results! So just wanted to say thanks, to everyone running the course,for all your help! The personal MRCS Course Reviews and feedback we received were second to none!




... Ravjit 2008.'


'Hi DrExam,


Just wanted to let you know that I passed my exams. I think the course was really useful. Few of my mates are taking the February attempt and I have already reccomended the course to them.

Many thanks for a wonderful course.


Kind Regards,


... Mr Asim Sheikh 2008.'

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